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AI Chatbot


Stanlytics is your key to unlocking the full potential of data-driven decision-making. As an AI Chatbot for Data Insights, our solution transforms complex data into actionable information, empowering businesses to make strategic choices with confidence.

  • Smart Data Analysis
  • Conversational Analytics
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Tailored Dashboards
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Physical Stores

Inventory/POS APP ​​


Stanlytics can be integrated to existing or new physical business applications.

OLAPOS is an OpenSource applications that is embedded with analytic tools that manages physical business inventory, sales, mode of collecting payments, invoices and receipts etc

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What We Do

How we grow your business with insights



Our automated tools is able to get insights using customer bio-data such as Age, Sex, Occupation, Marital Status e.t.c


Our automated tools is able to get insights based on the transactions of customers on your platform or applications.


We get realtime insights on metrics such as the Operating system or version of device that the customers are using e.t.c


We gives realtime insight on customer engagement with each screens of the application and how they interact with it.


We give insights that helps the business knows how users or customer of different geographic zone or locations interact with their applications.


We give a realtime insights on the lifestyle and social status of the customers or users based on their interactions on your or external applications.

Data Security

Data Protection ACT​


According to @Sandra Eke, With the rapid advancement of technology resulting in technological breakthroughs like the digitalization of data, electronic transmission and storage of personal data, it has become imperative for every organisation engaged in data processing operations to develop appropriate policy documents primarily for governing data processing operations within the organisation. Data protection policies assist organisations in setting out rules, guidelines, procedures and standards on data protection compliances for an organisation. They help identify a management's support, direction and approach towards data protection compliances. Learn More